tl;dr: Boost your recruiting success while empowering the work on an ambitious and promising Open Source project - exclusively, for one week, for 2,000€*.

You know that hiring is hard

You are running a technology company and have a hard time finding talented people that make you a success. You know that hiring good people makes all the difference.

This is our offer

We help you show the world that your company is one where good people can thrive and prosper.

Hoodie aims to make web application development and prototyping faster and better for everyone. This is why the people you want to hire are looking at our project today.

You can be the exclusive sponsor for the work of The Hoodie Firm on the Hoodie Open Source project website (hood.ie) for one week and we’ll give you visibility:

On GitHub

We’ll attribute to your company, forever engraved into the project history and for everyone to see for all eternity:

On the Hoodie project website

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Currently available sponsoring slots:

August 19th – August 25th SOLD
August 26th – September 1st SOLD
September 2nd – September 8th SOLD
September 9th – September 15th 1,000€* limited introductory offer
September 16th – September 22nd 1,000€* limited introductory offer
September 23rd – September 29th 1,000€* limited introductory offer
September 30th – October 6th 1,000€* limited introductory offer
October 7th - October 13th 2,000€* per week
October 14th - October 20th 2,000€* per week
October 21st - October 27th 2,000€* per week
* +19% VAT where applicable